It Starts with Topography

It all starts with the topography! Charlemont is blessed to be the gateway to one of the most dynamic valleys in the Northeast.
You have to admire how the Deerfield River has carved out its path -- truly spectacular -- continually twisting and turning as it flows South by Southeast from the Vermont boarder down through the corner of Western Mass terminating at the confluence of the Connecticut River.


As the river works it's way down out of Vermont and into the Berkshires it creates some of the most thrilling white water rapids available for rafting on the Eastern side of North America, (see the Monroe Bridge section under trips.)

Further along the Deerfield mellows out, creating milder sections perfect for younger ages, families or campers, looking to introduce their kids to rivers and nature, (see Fife Brook, Funyak, and Family Float trips under Trips.)

Berkshire Whitewater is also pleased to offer trips on the Millers River, and the West River in Vermont.

Here are some views of the Deerfield River from approximately 30,000 ft.

Come explore the beautiful Deerfield, Millers, and West rivers with us -- We will see you out there!


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